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Cardinal Health

Provided an advanced level of Maintenance and Janitorial services to 1.25 million sq.ft. of warehouse and executive offices 5 days per week.  Managed the original outsourcing from “in-house” to contractor provided services while working with the client to structure and achieve budget targets.  Worked with HR and Security to maintain rigorous clearances and checkpoints.  Implemented “Green” clean technologies and enhancements including; “Bio-enzymatic” drain maintenance processes and “Encapsulation” systems to maintain the “Like New” look of recently installed carpet throughout executive office areas.

Similar Bids received for just basic services not including our advanced knowledge and use of enzymes or the encapsulation process were near double! 

Secretary of State

Provided Maintenance and Janitorial services to 150,000 sq.ft. of office space 5 days per week.  Managed all Sanitary Supplies inventory.  In 2002 effectively surpassed mandate to cut pricing by 10% while still maintaining previous service levels. This was accomplished by implementing new technologies and efficiencies and in newly developed equipment.  Cost savings were also achieved by conducting a study of facility usage and resources and re-allocating our services within those areas.  Overall, we achieved a 20% cost savings and passed along a 13% price savings to the client.   Successfully piloted and launched use of “Encapsulation” process to reduce the frequency of carpet cleaning.  This initiative reduced that cost by $8,000.00 per year in a single facility, and improved the overall condition and consistency of flooring appearance.

Rite Aid

Provided Maintenance and Janitorial services to nearly 2 million sq.ft. of retail space 6 days per week.  Successfully launched effort to single source nearly 150 stores stretching from Sault St. Marie in Michigan, to stores in Northern Ohio, Indiana and Eastern Illinois.  Worked with District Managers and each local store manager to accommodate delivery days by other providers and also support the peaks and valleys of customer traffic during day and evening hours.  Facilitated portions of Corporate Staff Meetings that dealt with Facilities Conditions and Floor Safety Issues.  Launched pilot program to utilize dilution control systems in an effort to reduce the cost and hazards associated with improperly mixed cleaning / sanitizing chemicals.  Managed online reporting so that Rite-Aid Corporate had instant data concerning schedules and services performed.

Whole Foods

Provided advanced Janitorial services to Oakland County District.  Researched and developed solutions in response to issues created by inadequate floor care in the fresh produce areas of stores.  Issues were malodor, and very dirty grout lines in ceramic tile floor, thus creating an overall unpleasant shopping experience. Efforts by other service providers had no significant results and were unsustainable due to the clients requirement of using “Green” chemicals to eliminate the potential of any interaction given the presence of fresh produce. By utilizing our expertise and knowledge of equipment technologies and “Green” processes, we were able to tailor and implement a 100% restored floor within 48 hours of execution.  The solution was 100% “Green” and required minimal additions to current processes.  In addition to this solution we incorporated ongoing benefits to floor drains and wash basins in deli and meat departments by utilizing bio-enzymatic solutions to the refuse system.  Thus creating a closed loop Maintenance and Janitorial System.


Provided Consulting and Floor Care Products as well as a Patented Systems for effectively cleaning their customer restrooms.  Successfully achieved targeted “Floor Slip” rating and reduced cost to maintain floors by 35% by utilizing newly developed and enhanced products such as “Rinse Free” Strippers and “35% Solids” Floor Sealer/Finish.  As an added bonus we were able to provide “Odor Free” Chemicals to aid in the fact that most stores are open 24 hrs per day.  Eliminated 50% of time needed to clean and maintain customer restrooms – improved cleanliness of restrooms exponentially.

Baker College

Provide Maintenance and Janitorial Services as well as Products and Supplies.  Successfully fulfilled “Green” Clean initiative by providing environmentally friendly cleaning products.  Successfully launched and maintained the “Like New Facility at all Times” campaign.  Instituted a facility wide “Germ Prevention” initiative that covered all commonly touched vertical and horizontal surfaces during the common cold and flu seasons.  This program was so effective, it was adopted at every client site we serviced. 


Provided Consulting, Maintenance and Janitorial services to 40,000 sq. ft. Automotive Headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI.  Initial challenge was to bring costs in line with new budget constraints.  Utilizing Lean Processes Client Price was reduced 40% while decreasing overall costs by 60%.  Client rewarded our diligence by awarding us single sourcing of all  Jan/San purchasing.  Maintained stringent security processes due to the nature of the clients business and access to areas of facilities developing or holding of trade secrets.  Managed all Jan/San supplies and inventories and provided electronic reports of all services provided.


Met with Steering Committee to consult on their acquisition of multiple additional operations and subsequent properties.  Specific Challenges included the clients extensive research in “adhesives” thus creating significant issues with floor safety and upkeep.  Drawing from strong relationships with Industry leaders we were able to engineer, implement and deliver methods to remove all traces of adhesives and or laboratory experiments from facilities to be sold as a result of their operations’ integration into Henkel’s R&D facilities.  Overall value of each facility was greatly increased and the integrity of the budget was maintained.  Due to the Consumer Goods industries fierce competition we upheld all disclosure, and security guidelines.


Provided Products, Maintenance and Janitorial Services to Regional Offices and Distribution Centers.  Originating from a fierce open bidding process, we were sourced as the primary service provider.  We were able to achieve 30% annual cost savings as a result of our cross industry expertise and knowledge of equipment, chemicals, processes and techniques.


Provided Consultation, Products and gap-fill Maintenance and Janitorial services for multiple facilities in District.  Reduced annual floor resurfacing costs by 40% updating and enhancing current processes.  With newly developed chemicals and more powerful floor finishes we facilitated a “Floor Care Workshop” in which we stripped and waxed 150,000 sq. ft. of terrazzo flooring in a record 75 man (labor) hours, far exceeding customer expectations.  As a result we were awarded the single sourcing of all Jan/San purchases. 


Provide Janitorial / Sanitary Supplies and Consulting Services to North East Region of U.S.  Launched pilot program to utilize “Super Concentrated” dilution control systems in an effort to reduce the cost and hazards associated with improperly mixed cleaning / sanitizing chemicals.  Provided training and consulting to local Maintenance and Janitorial services contractor to maximize efficiencies, reduce overall cost and identify customer service improvements.  Worked with Amazon and other clients to reduce precarious overstock issues with Jan/San supplies.  This was accomplished by negotiating adjustments in our own inventory levels and those of the local service provider to remove excesses and bring inventory levels to acceptable levels.

Big Lots

Provided Maintenance and Janitorial services to stores in 7 districts.  Successfully reached target budget reduction of 30% by incorporating new technologies and methodologies in floor care.  Optimized route scheduling and coordinated with local store managers to utilize off-peak shopping hours to enhance scheduling efficiencies. Launched pilot program to utilize dilution control systems in an effort to reduce the waste and dangers associated with incorrectly diluted cleaning / sanitizing chemicals.  This initiative was implemented nationally in 2004.  Previous to this mandate, standard process was for employees to arbitrarily remove products from the stores shelves – creating at times dangerous combinations.


Provided advanced Maintenance and Janitorial services for Oakland County Region.  Successfully launched a single-source initiative.  Incorporated inventory management for each facility with detailed usage, and cost reporting.  Solved significant sanitary issues in locker room areas by implementing new technologies and methodologies.  Provided advanced, super concentrated and “Green” degreasing solutions for use in Service Bays and throughout facility reducing client change-over and price by 50%.


Provide Patented systems to maintain and clean customer restrooms.  Provide Maintenance Service for “In-House” owned equipment and supplies.  Provided
Bio-hazardous Materials Clean-up and support in emergency situations.

Michigan State

Provide Product and Equipment Consulting, Jan/San Products and Services.  Introduced technologies in carpet care that reduced overall costs by 30% in first year alone.  Successfully completed project to replace all daily vacuum sweepers and meet stringent criteria on new equipment with regards to “HEPA” filtration, performance, functionality, ease of operation and total operational cost of unit and replacement parts.  Also implemented “Encapsulation” systems and processes to reduce frequency of carpet cleaning.  The combination of more powerful daily cleaning with the Encapsulation process created dynamic results.

Jackson College

Provided general Maintenance and Janitorial services as well as Products, Supplies and Consulting support.  Maintain 100,000 sq. ft. of educational space 5 days per week.  Managed all inventory levels and implemented standardized dispensing systems to reduce overall inventory and streamline ordering process – thus reducing costs.  Assisted in Major renovation project within main campus by providing a “Soy” based product to remove 50 year old adhesive used to install 30,000 sq. ft. of flooring.  By researching the proposed solution JCC spent $2,000.00 in materials and labor and avoided an intense grinding project that would have cost an estimated $40,000.00+ and extended the completion date of the project by several weeks.  

Advance Auto

Provided Maintenance and Janitorial Services for new construction and “troubled” sites.  Utilized advances in floor finishes and techniques to strengthen base floor as a protective measure for extra high traffic and grease or oils.  Ensured that floors met floor safety ratings.  Consulted on new construction to enhance facilities “self-maintainability”.  Provided warranty service for in-house equipment.

Sheridan Books

Provided Maintenance and Janitorial services for multiple facilities.  Worked very close with clients during acquisition and merger of several competitors and corresponding sites.  Managed phase out of antiquated  materials and processes by implementing enterprise wide standards that reached targets for good housekeeping, safety and consistency practices.  Worked with manufacturer of newly installed architectural flooring system to understand the cleaning and maintenance in efforts to safely ensure the longevity and integrity of our clients investment.

Powerhouse Gyms

Provided Consultant, Janitorial and Maintenance Products and Services.  Met with Investors to discuss and plan the implementation of Sanitary Conscious facilities that are efficiently maintained.  Successfully launched plan for $2 million dollar development in Dearborn, MI.  Developed and executed plan to single source Downriver area gyms to provide streamlined services and supplies.  Implemented standardized dispensers, cleaning and sanitizing processes and “Green” chemicals to enhance hypo-allergenic environment.  Utilized Processes developed for Whole Foods, and applied similar technologies to grout and tile in gyms and locker rooms creating phenomenal results.  Served as the only provider of rubber floor manufactures specs for maintaining moisture level and minerals in natural rubber floor – created process to maximize the lifespan of major investment in flooring systems.

Shoe Carnival

Provided Consulting, Maintenance and Janitorial Products and Services to Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and New York Regions.  Worked with client to develop methodologies to service floors and facilities during normal business hours to satisfy overtime labor and security concerns.  We utilized the specialized products and processes of multiple industry leaders to create a unique carpet cleaning process that proved beneficial in every category of carpet care for high and low traffic level areas.  We also satisfied clients requirement to complete all stores in 5 states within 6 consecutive days once per month.  This was accomplished by efficient scheduling and incentives programs for team providing service.

Rainbow Child Care Center

Provided Consulting Services to resolve issues of Carpet Care and Tile Floor Care. Upon completed research of problem areas and finding that the issues revolved around children, young boys in particular “missing the target” in the restrooms and the urine based biological acid was eating away at the floor finish and sealer, regardless of massive amounts of chemicals being utilized.  We found that utilizing a “Metal-Interlocking” formula developed some time ago that has time proven impervious against urine and enjoys a high gloss retention solved the problem.  As with the Carpet Care, the issue was one of scheduling therefore drawing on our experience with Rite Aid and other large scale projects we were able to negotiate with each local client manager and the primary Carpet Cleaning company to satisfy client targets and reduce inefficiencies for Carpet Care provider.

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