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We don't just clean,
We Showcase!

COVID 19 - Corona Virus

Has your facility been shielded?

As we are all beginning to reconnect both at work and in our homes - Clorox T360 is an essential part of eliminating COVID 19 contaminated surfaces as well as a myriad of pathogens, bacteria, viruses and mold spores.


Hurricane Facility Maintenance is Ann Arbor’s premier CLOROXPRO partner and can certify your home or office to meet CDC, EPA and MIOSHA requirements. Clorox T360 is safe for animals, pets, plants and humans.

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We use the term "Showcase" in our organization to illustrate that we go way beyond just cleaning.  It is our mission to restore order to your universe!

We give every site the same attention to detail: We care that your picture frames are squarely hung on your wall, garbage cans are parallel to the desk and your chairs are positioned just right. 


This is the pride we take in our work and the services we provide to our clientele - that we respect and value the faith and confidence that has been placed in us to provide a Safe, Clean and Showcased facility

on a daily basis.

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School is never out of session!


Hurricane provides 50% more value each year to our schools.  We understand that the engagement process with students and parents is a critical component of your schools overall success.

Will Sr and Linda


Our History

In 1975, William Scott Sr. received layoff notice from Ford Motor Company along with hundreds of other colleagues.  Once out of work he along with his wife Linda went to work for Hall's Janitorial Service.  Upon realizing the potential and opportunity, William and Linda proposed and purchased the small company in Madison Heights, MI.  For years they worked hard and provided excellent services to clients all over the Metro-Detroit area.  Their three children: two boys and a girl worked in and around the family business throughout their teenage and college years, but pursued careers in other fields upon finishing school. Lorena pursued a Medical career, Shannon pursued IT Project Management and William pursued IT Business Management.

After several years working in corporate America, Will Jr. began to notice the offices in which he worked had significant lapses in Janitorial Performance.  He couldn't walk into a single commercial , retail or manufacturing office or facility without having to pay attention to the quality of cleanliness and crispness of the facility.  He eventually followed his passion back in the family business and worked back to full time in 2003.  Not only did he have the lifelong training from his parents, but also the keen eyes of a client having been in that role for nearly a decade.  William began to utilize Project Management ideologies along with Lean principles and the emerging Six Sigma theories to streamline how clients were being serviced. The results have been tremendous.

Our Present

After much consideration William Sr. and Linda decided that Winter in Florida was right for them!  In 2009 William Jr. bought out the interests of any remaining family members and began a rebranding campaign that incorporated the Hurricane marquee. 

The Leadership team focused on carrying over the legacies of a “family run” business and blending them with the fresh energies of a start-up.  The culture that has resulted has made Hurricane an amazing and growing team to work with.  It is not uncommon for an Account Manager or Operations Admin. to reach out to Will or the rest of the team with a breakthrough solution or idea at 3am!

What gets us up in the morning is our commitment to building an organization that creates new jobs, not just trading three of our technicians for three of the other guys, but actual Account Manager, Special Teams, Tech Admin positions that provide good pay and benefits – Opportunities that just don’t exist with the other guys.

When you hire Hurricane, you’re getting the experience and craftsmanship of a Detroit Legacy and the passion and energy of a Detroit Start-Up at the same time!

Will Jr, Lorena & Shannon
Will Jr and Karen


"A place for everything, everything in its place." - Benjamin Franklin  (1706 - 1790)
Career Opportunities


"I know you are in high demand.. You really do a great job!"
-Monique B., Pulver Dryer


"HURRICANE DID A FABULOUS JOB sealing and waxing the new floors and completing our final clean up for the Brother Rice High School ribbon cutting ceremony."
-Kenneth R., C.E. Gleeson Constructors
"The cleaning people at our Royal Oak office have been doing a wonderful job."
-Barbara Y., CCSEM






Interested in working together?

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24725 W. 12 Mile Rd., Suite 110

Southfield, MI 48034

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